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Anatomical Guide



Project Title: A Practical Anatomical Guide to Rangifer This project will produce an atlas of applied anatomy and other resources for Rangifer. Through drawings and photographs it will guide the reader through a caribou's body giving detail on structure and function of organs. This atlas will have information on caribou anatomy through the eyes of elders, hunters and scientists with standardized sampling methods from live and hunted caribou.

Further details and results can be found here.





The atlas and associated resources are for co-management boards, wildlife agencies and schools in the Canadian North and elsewhere through web-based availability and will be legacies and teaching tools for the circumpolar world. Caribou are a representative species within the deer family so the atlas, by detailing caribou anatomy, will also be a useful guide for other deer species, expanding worldwide audience.




Susan Kutz
University of Calgary
3330 Hospital Dr. NW
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