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Mission Statement

To monitor and assess the impacts of global change on the Human-Rangifer System across the Arctic through cooperation, both geographically and across disciplines.


What CARMA is:


  • A collaboration among communities, scientists, governments to exchange information on the environment, and status and use of wild Rangifer populations across the north
  • A means of synthesizing existing community monitoring, climate stations, remote sensing, field studies, socio-economic data and development activity to understand the full impacts of change on the human/Rangifer system
  • A value-added vehicle so partners can better track change within their region
  • A source for reporting standard methods and protocols currently being used to monitor populations, the environment and the human activities within the human/Rangifer system
  • A center where partners can exchange ideas, observations and data across the CircumArctic
  • An annual report card on the status of the major wild Rangifer herds


What CARMA hopes to be:


  • A monitoring network of all wild Rangifer subspecies. Presently we are focussing on the large migratory herds from North America and Russia and "representative" wild herds from other Rangifer countries