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Organizational Structure

Currently the formal roles identified within the CARMA Network are limited to the Steering Committee and herd "contacts".


Individuals on the Steering Committee help guide the progress of CARMA (overall priorities, developing implementation plan) as well as having specific "Component" responsibilities.


Responsible for overall priorities, developing implementation plan


    Don Russell (coordinator, synthesis),
    Anne Gunn (demography, synthesis),
    Roy Ashenfelter (community, Alaska)
    Susan Kutz (parasites and disease),
    Brad Griffith (habitat/remote sensing),
    Gary Kofinas (co-management),
    Robert White (synthesis, analysis)
    John Mameamskum (community, Ungava)
    Data management - everyone
    Communication/education - everyone


Within CARMA we have identified a number of "reference" herds that we will pay particular attention. Those individuals identified as reference herd contacts ensure that the status and content for their herds are kept up to date and historical data is shared with the Network.




    Teshekpuk - Lincoln Perrett
    Porcupine - Dorothy Cooley, Tara Wertz, Marsha Brannigan
    Bluenose West - Marsha Brannigan
    Bathurst - Bruno Croft
    Qamaniurjuaq - Mitch Campbell
    Southampton - Mitch Campbell
    Leaf River - Steeve Cote
    George River - Steeve Cote
    Akia-Maniitsoq - Christine Cuyler
    Iceland - Skarphedinn Thorisson, Ran Thorarinsdottir
    Hardangervidda - Olav Strand
    Taimyr - Leonid Kolpashikov
    Lena-Olenek - Valery Safronov
    Chokotka - Vladimir Etylin, Vladislav Nuvano